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Unprofessional, non-responsive and failed to deliver product. Have waited almost three months.

They do not respond to emails or to telephone calls. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESES PEOPLE!! I ordered a custom dog collar which was supposed to be delivered before Christmas. They never responded to any telephone calls and never answer the telephone.

Unfortunately I did not check out the company before I purchased my collar and am only now discovering the numerous complaints against them. If you place an order with LDS leather you will be out your money and you will not receive the product you ordered.

It appears to be a fancy website of smoke and mirrors. Be warned!

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Looks like things haven't changed over the years. Have waited for 3 1/2 months for simple leash.

Company won't return emails of inquiry or answer their phone. Haven't ever run into such poor customer service and will not order from the again.

Wish I had read comments on the company prior to ordering. Recommend avoiding this company to others.


I wished that I found these complaints before I made my order!

On Feb.2010, I ordered Do it all and Traditional leashes from the company by phone and paid by credit card. The female customer service told me that it would take approx. 2 to 3 months to receive the products. After 2 months, I called to follow up my order and spoke with another female customer service (she sound like a different person to me). I was asked to provide my order number which I told her that I didn't have any order number. She couldn't find my order and informed me that if I didn't have order number, there was no order. I was very confused and upset that I had to wait for 2 months for nothing but got over it. I ordered the leashes from another company and received my order within a week.

November, 2010, I received an email stating that there was something shipped from this company to me. I called the company to see what it was and found that it was my 8 months ago order. I explained to the female customer service that I spoke with another female customer service and she couldn't find my order and she told me that there was no order. This female customer service told me that there was no other female customer service working there. She said that she was the person who spoke with me on that day and the company had never issued order number (it goes by customer name). If it really her who I spoke with on the follow up day, why did she ask me my order number? Why did she not tell me when I should expect to see my order? It seemed that the company might behind the schedule at that time and tried to confuse the customer. She told me that it stated clearly on the company policy website that it could take up to 360 days to receive the products and there was no cancellation over the phone. Although, I told her that I was misinformed that the company hadn't had my order and I would like to return the products and receive a refund, she kept referring to the company website policy that custom made order couldn't be refunded and 6 to 8 months were reasonable duration for producing custom made product. I went to the company policy website and found that the custom made should take only 30 to 120 days to be delivered. Either the company provides a fault advertisement regarding the delivery time on their website or they lost my order and found it 8 months later, then try to push it on the customer.

I filed a complaint with BBB and the company refused to compromise.


This company has pissed me off to the extreme. I can not even begin to explain how I had only ONE opportunity to speak to them on the phone and that was while I was placing an order.

I placed the order, gave my credit card info and was told to wait a month turn around. A month passed by, I was never billed, I was never sent an invoice, I never received the coupler and leashes as I requested. I thought I was getting high end personal service, with ability to customize my leather needs. NO WAY. This was a complete waste of my time.

I am literally writing 5 months after I placed my order and I have had NOTHING, no bill, no invoice, no follow up. Just phone records and emails making it clear that I had an order and there was no follow through. I have never complained about a company before, and I never would bother complaining unless it has caused truly a great deal of aggravation.

I am a disabled person who had needs of leather goods customized for my daily needs. For me to wait this long and be totally ignored is outrageous. The inconvenience I have had to put up with for 5 months for not having the items I needed has been a tremendous waste in itself.

I know who I will be suing if I ever see them charge my credit cards post 5 months after I made contact regarding an order. I will be sorely pissed and they will be hearing it from my lawyer regarding fraud. I have had to hire a local leather smith to create the goods I need. So to LDS leather, please F--- OFF.


var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy94051 = 'gerpster' + '@'; addy94051 = addy94051 + 'yahoo' + '.' + 'com'; document.write( '' ); document.write( addy94051 ); document.write( '' ); These psychotic people believe they are the LEATHER GODS, and YOU must earn the rite to purchase from them While being considered thier friend,, SOO complaints are Out of the question :eek I was Fortunate enough to obtaine 1 Harness from Karen and it worked great , the conversation was OK , and I posted that I had No problembs.. But since then , Wy insurance CO.

Purchased a harness,coller and leash from them , after 12 month waite and a moving delay I was told the leather was cut and the check cashed.. it was then that I was told by Karen that my insurance Co was being pushy and she had stopped responding as they were not nice people :sigh and said she would only deal with me ,, a few days later my insurance Company was supplied a USPS Tracking # they gave it too me and all was good,,, Then I noticed it had not arrived and trtacked the # ,It showed as purchased postage but had not been scanned into a postal office :? SEEMS they just wanted to shut up the Insurance Co with a tracking number that could be mailed when ever ???? So as things progressed Karen descided that mabe she didn\'t like me any more and that I needed to waite on the mail ,, Needless to say they have Finaly informed me that I don\'t fit thier requirements as a customer and that they will not ship this Medical device we have waited 12 Months and will not issue any refund of any kind or return EMAIL.. i HAVE CONTACTED THE POSTAL INSTECTOR AND THE NORMAN SHERIFF DEPT.

but As of this minute They are thieves,Liars and Messed up individuals and if they are this wonderful and busy ,, What good reason could they have NOT to hire a minimum wager to talk to a customer as if they were a customer ??? BEWARE and FORE WARNED I don\'t care how patient you are or how excited you are to get Custom Work (REMEMBER SOME CRAFTSMAN HAVE A BAD ATTITUDE) and KYLE is a *** ... I felt safe on my Second Order but got screwed.. On the UP SIDE I have the original Medical support harness and can provide a Template and Design info including pictures and adjustments FREE to any one that needs a Support harness my contact info is at top of page ...

I doubt they would treat anyone within driving distance the way they have treated me , Or surely Someone other than I would have placed these miserable arrogant jerks OUT OF OUR MISSERY Long before I got screwed .. I will be happy to foreward the Emails I recieved From LDS if anyone doubts the truth ....


:( Thief thief thief LIAR LIAR THIEF .. I own 1 Mobility harness from LDS , It is of poor construction but functional,, I puirchased the second harness 15 months ago and still have no9thing but my canceled check from JULY ..

I acgtualy felt better when they cashed my check , because they say that is when they cut your leather:) however they have never shipped items and purchased postage on AUG 31 USPS and provided me a track # .. but they never gave it to the post office..

just another delay... TODAY they said that I have been too pushy and have decided to not ship my Items They STOLD $1700.00 and over a year of promises all to learn they are CRAZY


I ordered the second harness and can only say I should hase listened ..they have given me every excuse in the book and when I got MAD at them thy found it easier to foreward my emails to my Dr. than to call me or send products.. they act like Rock stars of leather BEWARE AND AVOID ANY CONTACT


DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I am on a limited income and made the mistake of ordering from this company before researching them.

I ordered and paid up front for an extra large Hearing Assist Dog vest. They sent me a vest but the size is "Tiny". I emailed them since they would not answer the phone and a person named Kevin replyed. He accused me of not ordering the right vest and then proceeded to tell me he didn't like my attitude or how I spoke to him.

He told that if I bought another one from them they would send me a X-Large.

The man's arrogance and holier than thou attitude is the worse I ever heard!He has since quit responding to my emails after trying to negotiate a solution with him. They basically took my money and gave me the wrong product and then refused to work with me because in Kevin's own words, since i was not nice enough to him, he doesn't have to do anything.


Wish I had done more research and found this site before making my purchase.

Same experience as the others here. I decided not to wait the 3 months before canceling my order. Too many other USA made options out there.

Below is an excerpt from an email response I received. You be the judge if this is professional.


If you need to order from someone else, please do. but please leave us alone and let us work, okay? The more phone calls and emails we have to answer and the mnore hands we have to hold, the longer our back log gets.



I am able to move about my home now after I recieved the beautiful mobility harness. I have MS.

and placed my order... 3 weeks later I recieved a beautiful hand crafted saddle, elevated 13" handel for me to hold onto so I dont fall from ballence LOSS ... SAY what you wish , I am @ hundreds of dog events and all I can say is there quality does not come close to LDS and I will be ordering another harness from Karen TODAY so I guess if walmart has what you need then buy it and leave these artist ALONE as they are busy and cant work on important items for the disabled while demanding jerks like you try to jump in LINE / Throw down a few extra dollars aND GET YOUR WAY BRAVO KAREN and thankyou for not allowing a wealthy PET OWNER to squeeze ahead of a poor BLIND MAN and his disability check...

after hearing his comp[laint it makes me wish our ORG. could provide you a grant for being fare 8)

LDS Leather

Hello Ralph,

I am writing this in followup to the private email I just sent to you. To address the most important of your implications, I did just speak to American Express, who verified that, indeed, you have not nor have you ever been billed at all by us. What is also true is that you placed your order to a three-person custom leather shop (yes, we really do hand craft each piece) on December 2, demanding that it be available by Christmas. I made it very clear to you that generally our Christmas cut-off is around October 1, depending on back log and that there was no way we could work through all our orders, have yours done and to you in less than three weeks. You did indicate that your order was very important and that you would like it moved ahead of those who ordered before you. While we try to accommodate special requests, it is simply unfair to make others wait even longer because you did not wish to wait at all.

If you would like to phone, I'd be glad to provide to you the name and contact information for the American Express representative I spoke with. When I read your review, I was very nearly speechless. I assure you, merchants with American Express or Master Card and Visa, for that matter, don't remain merchants if they exhibit that sort of behavior. If you phone, yes, you will have to leave a message. It is a difficult fence to walk sometimes: In these days of instant gratification from the internet, It seems to be a hard thing for customers to believe that our site is accurate in that we are hand making beautiful products and not simply reselling the cheapest thing we can get from overseas and that, if we are on the phone, we're not making progress getting orders filled and shipped. I wish I could hire about 10 people to help out but I don't think the lack of quality that would result if I did such a thing would be appreciated.

In closing, it is no wonder that truly quality American made products are becoming fewer and farther between. This sort of unreasonable angry and yes, downright false, complaint fostered out of a sense of lack of regard for either those doing the work for you or for the customers who ordered ahead of you is making people like us quit. After reading the garbage you wrote, now that I've phoned Amex to make sure we didn't make a terrible mistake, I'm going home. I'm far too upset to even try to make anything today. I'd probably sew my fingers to the machine. The number of "thank you" emails and phone calls I do receive along with the repeat business we've had for years lets me know that we are meeting our mission to make appreciated quality products and does keep me going most days. I will always have dogs of my own and I will always make my own leather products, given the choices that are out there. The day is probably short in coming, however, given that my husband and I are both retired from professional careers, that we just won't offer our craft for sale to the public at all.


Mr. Turkel ordered his product during the most busy time of the year just before christmas.

He was never charged for his order because we don't charge for an order until we cut the leather for the product. Perhaps before you put some of these comments on the web you should verify the truth of the comment. That way you won't be liable for slander. Mr.

Turkel can not produce any proof that he was ever charged by LDS LEATHER Company because he never was. I see you have an add for an attorney who takes fraud cases this is very helpful.


I'm afraid complaining to the BBB won't help others from being victimized by LDS Leather. Post as many negative reviews as possible so that they show up when doing a search for LDS Leather Fradulent Business Practices.


Ralph, I experienced the same thing with this company. Have you report this to the Better Business Bureau?

So many people have encountered the same thing I think it should be reported. Any thoughts on this?

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